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360CDA GOTV Activities

Democracy is on the line!  The success of the upcoming election depends on what actions we take now. Please join us in our GOTV efforts.  360CDA GOTV Activities for Sep – Nov 2022 are:

·        HD101 Block Walking with the Candidates

o   Contact HD101 Coordinator, Nadia Bhular at for information


·        TCDP Phone Banking for SE Tarrant County

o   Go to Virtual Phone Bank URL -

o   Log in or sign up to VPB

o   Use VPB Code 896235B-622986 to make calls

·        Poll Worker Recruitment

o   Power the Polls: Complete your poll worker application and help end our nationwide poll worker shortage by signing up to serve your community today:” 

·        360CDA Postcard Party 

o   Send postcards to your Circle of Influence to Vote Democrats in Office. Whether you live in Tarrant or Dallas County – YOU CAN PARTICIPATE.  A Postcard for each county has been created.

o   Ways to Participate:

§  Donations:  Members and friends can make a donation of any amount to help with printing and postage.  A $25 donation will give you access to 360CDA Facebook Discussion page.

§  Volunteers:  Volunteers are needed to address postcards from a list of Soft Democrats from both Tarrant and Dallas Counties. 

§  Distribution:

·        Social Media:  Send Postcard using social media (email, Facebook, twitter, etc.) to you Circle of Influence

·        U.S. Mail:  360CDA will print postcards for you to address and send to your Circle of Influence or to a list of Soft Dems (provided by 360CDA) 

o   How to Participate:

§  Send an email to letting us know how you would like to participate in the 360CDA Postcard Party.  Please include your participation preference (Donation, Volunteer and/or Distribution).

§  360CDA will contact you to give additional instructions on where to send donations, how to get printed postcard and/or how to get an address list.

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